VBT# Lessons from a One Night Stand - Piper Rayne

Lessons from a One-Night Stand  (The Baileys #1)

Review: Lessons from a One Night Stand - Book #1 The Baileys - Piper Rayne - February 2019
You know how when you find a favorite author and all of a sudden you have run out of everything of theirs to read and you want more. Then wham bam, they have created a new series just in time and even better this one has the potential to be way longer than their past series - this is The Baileys by Piper Rayne. For those that read my reviews, you will know that I am a big fan of the Piper Rayne duo and I consider myself one of their unicorns. I already had an inkling I was going to enjoy this book, and I loved it. From the fact that the Bailey family is nine siblings who resemble the family from Party of Five to the fact that the town has their gossip blog and Gossip girl star whom I have my bets on that it is one of the Bailey sisters - but like Gossip Girl it is not revealed, and we have no clues of the secret identity. The other thing I loved about Lessons from a One Night Stand was that we have a high school setting as the main characters are teachers/principals and the family dynamics of the Baileys. Piper Rayne's family dynamics and humor of The Baileys I found rivaled Penny Reid's Winston Family. This is one book you won't be disappointed with, and I am now looking forward to reading more of the Bailey Siblings tales and the drama/ situations they find themselves in as trouble seems to follow the Baileys whether they encourage it or not.


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