Review: I'll Be Watching You - Courtney Evan Tate

I'll Be Watching You

Review: I'll Be Watching You - Courtney Evan Tate - March 2019
It's the night before school starts back up and Leah and her mother are having a good heart to heart chat before Leah wants a dip in the water. Her mum is tired and is going to head inside, but she trusts Leah as she has done it hundreds of times before and never gotten hurt. This time though Leah doesn't return home, and by the next morning, everyone is searching for the girl who drowned or was eaten by sharks. As Emily wonders about her daughter as she can't have just vanished, she explores her room and stumbles upon the computer which is open to a blog post about a girl having a rough sex relationship with an older man and how that night he nearly choked her to death. Emily stares at it and then wonders who wrote the blog, she clicks the about me page and up comes Leah's picture. Soon Emily and her ex-husband Nate have pulled down a rabbit hole as they are about to learn things about their daughter they never thought possible. The worst being she was in a relationship with an older man. As the book goes along, we have the pre- Leah going missing and how her relationship began with the older man to after-Leah going missing and her parents trying to pick up the pieces and learn the identity of the Older man. This book had a twist as when it was revealed who she was having an affair with, he wasn't even on my radar of suspects, and if he had been, it would have been low. This was a good read, and now I am looking forward to reading her book "Mine" which I am crushing on the cover.


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