VCD: Autumn Wings - Stan Crowe

Stan published his first book at age 5, when he managed to win a local writing contest for the library.
He's matured (slightly) since then, and has switched from writing about a boy and his dog, to clean contemporary romance, murder mysteries, and light fantasy/sci-fi.
Along with his wife,  9 (and counting) children, and a ninja cat, he inhabits a place with a pair of national parks in his backyard.
He considers himself really rather blessed.

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Jim Sharp is the only widower in the senior class of Mendon State University. Still reeling from the tragedy that claimed the love of his life, he struggles to pick up the pieces and close his heart forever to love. 

When an otherworldly encounter places him squarely in the path of new love, Alex sees no way to give his crushed heart away a second time. 

His wife, however, has other plans.

Top Ten List:

1.     I have (almost) ten children (still a few months out from #10);
2.     I published my first book at age five;
3.     I do an excellent impersonation of Kermit the Frog;
4.     I graduated from BYU with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering;
5.     My wife spent the first month we knew each other trying to set me up with her roommate;
6.     My wife and I were each others' first kiss;
7.     I'm an oldest child, and the only boy in my family;
8.     I once at a whole, raw habaƱero pepper just for kicks;
9.     My family van is named "Big Yoda," and yes, it is green.

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