Review: The Seat Beside Me - Nancy Moser

The Seat Beside Me (The Steadfast #1)

Review: The Seat Beside Me - Book #1 Steadfast Surrender - Nancy Moser - February 2002

This particular book recently came to my attention as a freebie in the Christian Book Finds newsletter, and as a fan of Nancy Moser's books, it sounded interesting. I wasn't too aware of what was to expect. The book starts with a reporter who was supposed to be on a flight to Phoenix, but her mother rings her to tell her she has miraculously recovered and no longer needs to fly. The book then jumps to the airport, where we met a variety of characters. The characters all seem to be escaping something or having issues in their own lives. The characters hop on the plane ready to go to Phoenix, but sadly during the flight, it will crash. Before the crash though, there is a lot of talk about God and his plan for one another which is the Christian part of this book. Unlike a few other Christian fiction books, this one does have a heavy Christian theme and base to the writing. Of the 100 passengers on the flight, only five will survive. The remaining of the story is the aftermath of the crash and the stories of the different passengers - the survivors and how their lives were changed by the collision. This story touched me as I have always wondered what it would be like, whether my own life would change after a massive event like this one. I do have to reiterate for readers, that The Seat Beside Me does touch on some edgy issues like Suicide etc. and does have a powerful Christian theme sprinkled throughout the pages with evangelism and bible verses.


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