Sunday, February 10, 2019

Review: The Pages of Her Life - James L. Rubart

The Pages of Her Life

Review: The Pages of Her Life - James L. Rubart - May 2019
As a Christian writer, I have always enjoyed James Rubart's books as they touch on the supernatural side of miracles. In The Pages of Her Life, we meet Alison who is about to discover that her mother's life isn't as rosy and happy as she had imagined and that in learning about her mother's demise it will set her life on a completely different track that will change it eventually for the best, though it won't appear so for a wee while. She will go through trials and tribulations. The story starts when Alison learns of her father's debt that he lumbered her mother with after he died, she then prays to God and is offered by an old friend an opportunity to become a partner in his architecture firm. She accepts but as life will have it, it isn't what she had imagined, and she will learn that her so-called friend's experience of integrity is built on a pile of lies. One day at a coffee shop, she is handed a gift. A journal with a leather bound cover and a picture of the Tree of life on the cover. That journal Alison will soon discover is a gift from an angel, and as Alison writes in it, the words change and as she goes on a journey to learn the truth about the journal. She will be opened up to the world of God speaking to her through the written word. I liked this book as writing and journalling is somewhat a passion of mine and having a journal where God speaks through to you- would be a fantastic gift to be given. One of my favorite things about The Pages of Her Life was that we were reunited with Micah , Sarah and the mechanic Rick who featured in James Rubart's earlier book "Rooms" If you love edgy Christian fiction and authors like Ted Dekker and Randy Alcorn, you will enjoy James L. Rubart and his book The Pages of Her Life.

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