Review: The Risk of Happiness - Punk Rocker by Catherine Goldstein

The Risk of Happiness: The Punk Rocker (The New York Artists Series #3)

Review: The Risk of Happiness - The Punk Rocker - Book #3 NY Artists Series - Catherine Goldstein - January 2019
I wasn't 100% sure what this book would be about, but it had sounded exciting and ended up being a favorite trope of mine.  Six years ago, Reale Lynxx was on the rise to becoming the biggest music star around and was happily in love with his girlfriend Amanda who had dreams of becoming a nurse.  One day when a scout arrives, Amanda gets some news which causes her to make a sacrifice, and she walks out on Reale. Six years later, Reale is a big star, and Amanda has a cute little five years old named Johnny and is a single mother. On their first vacation at the beach, Amanda and Johnny are having fun when Johnny gets pulled out into the water. He ends up being saved by none other than Reale. Reale can't believe that this is Amanda - the one girl who broke his heart. Has life given him a second chance at love and a chance to be a possible stepfather? What will happen though when Reale discovers the real identity of Johnny's father and reeling in his hurt and betrayal decides to take it out at Amanda? With the feelings of pain, betrayal, and secrets - can Reale and Amanda ever find their way back into love and move forward in life? 
A fun second chance romance where no matter what choices and decisions you make, there will always be consequences to your actions.


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