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Review: Three Little Words - Maggie Wells

Three Little Words

Review: Three Little Words - Book # 0.5 Worth the Wait - Maggie Wells - December 2014

This book is set at the wedding of Josie's niece. Here she is the responsible Aunt Jo. The one who doesn't get into trouble and can always be relied on. It is a far cry from the girl she used to be, the life of the party and one for hook-ups. This book the main characters are in their 50's. Jo sees this wedding as a chance for her to have a little fun in her life as she is nearing fifty and it looks like she has a ticket to spinsterville coming her way. At the wedding, she has her pick of two guys - the father of the groom and her ex-boyfriend from over 20 years ago Will. She has a few sleepover nights and hot sex with the groom's father, but it seems that Will is not done fighting for her - he lost her once before, and this time he isn't going to give up without a fight even if it means fighting his best friend for her. This sparks excitement in Jo as maybe the older Josie isn't dead and gone. This was a quick read, and I do have to admit I was a little disappointed at how the book ended as I am so used to reading romances that end in more of a bang than Three Little Words did. Then again, I guess they waited thirty years, what's another few ?

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