Review: Maid in England - Brenda St. John Brown

Maid in England

Review: Maid in England - The I Do Crew - Brenda St. John Brown - February 2019
I have to admit, part of me was a little disappointed with this book initially as with a title like Maid in England, it had me thinking possibly a Maid in Manhattan type feel with a possible Cinderella storyline. However, the book they had on the first page a feel of a fake romance set up - I was like, ok I can do this as I loved fake relationships too. Imagine my surprise when the book didn't have a fake romance angle either. This book starts with New Yorker Remi Cooper who has been living in London and working for a PR firm. She has accomplished her way up in the world by being a workaholic and sacrificing things for her career. However, it has now left her almost turning thirty-five without a romantic partner. Years ago, Remi was engaged, but the relationship didn't work out, the guy is now a prominent musician that her firm has been hired to talk to about going on tour and making more of a physical appearance. Remi has been forced to make small talk and track down her ex; the thing is though that they didn't leave on good terms and Alastair did always prefer the quiet life. While this is happening though, strange things are occurring in the firm and look like this also was a ploy to get her out of the office while the stakeholders make some big decisions. Can Remi not only do her job and get Alastair to sign up on tour but also is there a chance to rekindle their romance? Will Remi finally be able to choose between work and love and this time make the right decision despite the consequences of the choices?


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