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Review: Lumberjanes - Unicorn Power - Mariko Tamaki and Brooklyn Allen

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Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power! (Lumberjanes, #1)

Review: Unicorn Power - Lumberjanes #1 - Mariko Tamaki/Brooklyn Allen - October 2017
A couple of years ago, I discovered the Lumberjanes comics and loved them. They are a group of girl scouts who besides trying every day to get their badges - they also find themselves on strange treks and in weird situations. Recently the library I work at got three books of Lumberjanes in chapter book format. I immediately grabbed all three to take home and read as I was in dire need of a Lumberjane fix. In Unicorn Power, it starts with the girls trying to get their Flora and Fauna badge, and while searching in the forest, they stumble across a Unicorn eating a plant called a Clowbell. BTW we are informed in this book that Unicorns smell like rotten eggs and blue cheese. The Lumberjanes follow the unicorn to a paddock and stumble upon a strange mountain. They return to camp, and that night April gets an idea for the girls to get a Unique badge to do with exploring. This leads the Lumberjanes to find the mountain and climb it. However, we are about to learn that this mountain is a magical one and with magical objects can come consequences. Will the Lumberjanes ever be able to return to camp or will they be stuck among the Cloudies forever? This book was perfect for any fan of the Lumberjanes graphic novels. The other thing that I loved about Unicorn power was that the font was different colors and that at the start of each chapter, they shared a different Lumberjane badge and how it could be earned. The Lumberjanes and written for all and suitable for ages 8+ , in saying that though there is hints of lesbianism between two of the Lumberjanes.

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