Review: How to Choose A Guy in 10 Days - Lila Monroe

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How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days (Chick Flick Club, #1)

Review: How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days - Book #1 Chick Flick Club - Lila Monroe - September 2018

I was drawn to this book for two reasons, the first was that it was written by Lila Monroe whom I enjoy as an author and the second is I am a sucker for books that seem like they are based off a movie, etc. As soon as I read the title and saw Chick Flick Club, I knew I had to read it as How to Lose Guy in 10 Days is one of my favorite movies in my Top 10 List. As I got reading, I also fell in love with the characters Gemma and Zach. Gemma's life is very much like Devil Wears Prada as she works for a stylish firm helping others with personal makeovers. Gemma and a work colleague are faced with a dilemma when a promotion comes up which only one can receive. They form a bet to give a desperate guy each a serious makeover and have their boss judge the result - the winner gets the promotion. Gemma ends up being paired with her Bigfoot neighbor Zach. Underneath his tough exterior and lumberjack outfits are a GQ Model in the making and Gemma is going to help him whether he likes it or not. These two are about to learn a whole new side of one another as they go from feuding neighbors to potential romance buddies. I also really liked this book as it shows that looks can be deceiving and you can never fully judge someone by their outfit choices as underneath their horrible dress sense - they may very well be billionaires or have big hearts.
Will Gemma and Zach get their HEA Chick Flick ending or will the Bet ruin both their happiness and the past ten days be for nothing?


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