Monday, February 11, 2019

VCB: Foreign Relation -Didi Lawson

Didi Lawson exchanged her town car for a pick-up truck and learned to operate a tractor when she and her husband moved from Arizona to a farm in  Missouri where she now weaves her tales. Her love for writing started early in  life when  she entertained her friends with her stories, won prizes for he essays in high school and wrote road shows and poems for the youth group in her church. She enjoys the outdoors, her children and ten grandchildren, and keeps an active social calendar.

It was supposed to be simple traveling to Germany to find her roots. But nothing turns out the way Tracy had planned. 

She meets a man who professes to be her half-brother and is less than happy with her visit. The villagers treat her with contempt for her father's presumed infamous past. 

Trying to solve the mystery, she uncovers secrets that had been hidden for over two decades. Wanting to clear her father's name, she realizes that by doing so she will ruin her chances of a happy life with the man who had captured her heart.

Top Ten List:

1.     I taught German at the Provo Missionary Training Center,
2.     Translated for General Conference twice
3.     Worked as assistant editor for a trade magazine
4.     Won 3rd prize for a city-wide essay contest while in high school
5.     Traveled from the US to Europe on board a Polish freighter
6.     I live on a small farm in Missouri
7.     Took a balloon ride
8.     I have a cave on our farm
9.     Visited Communist Romania
10.Like to travel

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