VBT# The Sign of the Serpent - Majanka Verstraete

The Sign of the Serpent (Adventures of Marisol Holmes Book, #2)

Review: The Sign of the Serpent - Book #2 The Adventure of  Marisol Holmes - Majanka Verstraete - February 2019
The past few years have been anything but cruisy for Marisol Holmes as her father was killed, she fell in love with a boy only for him to turn out to be a killer and then her partner in the agency turned out to be a killer too.  During book #1 we read as Marisol's Jaguar side of her had almost disappeared, and she had been having trouble to shapeshift. Her and Ivy had been tasked in tracking down a killer only to learn that Marisol's ex-boyfriend Mannix was the one orchestrating the kills. Ivy at the end of the book ends up being one of Mannix's latest puppets. Now with the council dead at the beginning of Book # 2, the shifters must track down Mannix and Ivy and bring them to justice once and for all. Who better to track them down than Marisol, as she knows Mannix is one for games. The pair of them engages in a scavenger hunt which will hopefully find Mannix and Ivy but also find the murderer of her father. I liked the hunting part as it took us all around London and visited a variety of Sherlock Holmes related places, e.g., Baker Street, Madame Tussauds and a pub that Sherlock and Watson frequented. Can Marisol Holmes help bring down Mannix once and for all before anyone else is killed along the journey? I quite enjoyed this book as I love YA mysteries but also the Sherlock Holmes connection.


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