Sunday, August 18, 2019

Review: Black Envelope - Rachel Angel

Black Envelope (Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep #2)

Review: Black Envelope - Book #2 Bad Boys of Kingsbury Prep Series - Rachel Angel - August 2019
After Book #1 ended with the major cliffhanger of the evil Victoria invoking the Black Envelope, I just had to grab Book #2 of the series which was available on Kindle Unlimited. This book starts with Victoria with her army crashing the school dance and declaring the Black Envelope on Tempest which gives permission to students to basically go to town on her and kill her as she is not one of them. The last person that was Black Enveloped ended up committing suicide which was Kaz's cousin Allison whom we learned that Kaz's bandmates loved and she was their "Tempest". Victoria has also declared war on the K3 which include Kaz, Hunter, and Orion - the three most popular boys and princes in the school as all three love Tempest. As those who read Book #1 will understand is that the violence and bullying in this series are quite intense and hardcore. Can Tempest and the boys remain safe and hidden from the nastiness of Victoria? Can Tempest Ryan channel her inner Tempest Storm alter-ego and fight off the bullies who come after her? Near the end of the Black Envelope, the boys take Tempest to San Fran and I loved this part as they were embracing her culture and then wham bam we were given this major twist that leaves readers going WTF, no way it can't be. Black Envelope ends on one of the most intense and frustrating ever Cliffhangers. I now can't wait for Book #3 to hurry up and be released as I want to see how the boys will explain what just happened. If you are in the mood for an intense Bullymance and Reverse Harem series then Black Envelope by Rachel Angel is the read for you.

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