Sunday, August 18, 2019

Review: Loyal - The Zara Chronicles - Scarlett Haven

Loyal (The Zara Chronicles, #1)

Review: Loyal - Book #1 The Zara Chronicles - Scarlett Haven - July 2018

After her parent's latest fight, Zara finds herself being shipped off to a boarding school in Switzerland. When she arrives, she knows nothing about the school and everything especially the classes seem strange to her. The other thing is that she is a novelty as the school doesn't normally take new students on at her age. Zara is about to learn that this school is, in fact, a school to train spies and that she has been given entrance due to one of the school's top success stories Zach Stone. But how is Zach connected to Zara, especially since she has never heard of him before and when she tries to ask her mother she shuts down. Loyal was also a Reverse Harem series as Zara finds herself friends with a team of boys. This part reminded me of the Ghost Bird Academy series with Sang by CL Stone. Loyal was a fun YA read that has something for everyone from High school experiences, boarding school hijinks, spy adventures and reverse harems. I am now looking forward to starting the Zara Chronicles journey as they are currently up to Book #12 which was recently released.

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