Sunday, August 18, 2019

Review: Sunny Springs Scandal - Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance

Sunny Springs Scandal (Sunny Springs High #2)

Review: Sunny Springs Scandal - Book #2 Sunny Springs High - Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance - August 2019

In Book #2 we read as Helena and her bully now turned boyfriend Daniel are heating things up and working out where they stand with one another and experimenting their newfound love and spending lots of time together. Thus has had a domino effect as it means Helena hasn't been spending a lot of time with her best friend Karen. Karen has started to hang around more with Payton who is known to be a bit easy and a party animal. Also, Payton in this story has her own little high school harem going on, she reminded me of a female John Tucker from the 2000's movie John Tucker Must Die. With Karen partying and drinking, she has found herself on the receiving ends of a few hookups and now she has come to Helena thinking she might be pregnant. A video surfaces around the school of a girl crying and guys filming her, this leads Helena to investigate with Daniel's help. It turns out there is a boys club going around called the CR Club. We later learn CR stands for Condom Removal which the girls don't know and it looks like Karen might have been one of their victims as she blacked out and can't remember having sex yet a video of her is surfacing amongst the other female victims. What will happen to Helena's trust in Daniel when it looks like in the past he was privy to the CR group. Who can she trust now? Sunny Springs Scandal ends on a cliffhanger that leaves Helena and Daniel's relationship in the air. Find out what really is happening to Karen and more in Book #2 Sunny Springs Scandal by Arlo Arrow and Elizabeth A. Lance today.

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