Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review: Goddess Falling - Vivian Lark

Goddess Falling (The Black Rose Boys #1)

Review: Goddess Falling - #Episode One - The Black Rose Boys - Vivian Lark - August 2019
On the day that was supposed to be Nerissa aka Rissa's first party as this year's Aphrodite of the school, it started with three random boys crashing the party and ended in a note from her father and her mother telling her to quickly leave and silently. Turns out that Nerissa's family has gone from super-wealthy to completely broke in a space of a few minutes and her father is nowhere to be found. Rissa is swept out of the mansion and as she is leaving she passes police cars and she meets her mother in a hotel.  From there Rissa's mother takes her to the one place they will be safe, her childhood home. A house her mother hasn't stepped in since the day they disowned her for marrying Rissa's dad. We later read that Rissa's dad is dead and the scene jumps to the funeral. At the funeral the three boys turn up again with their signature black roses - how are the three boys connected to what is happening with Rissa? Goddess Falling also opens up the series to a mystery aspect as it seems to Rissa that her father was murdered and everything is not what it seems. 
This was a great start to the Black Rose Boys series and I am looking forward to reading more adventures and finding out what Rissa will do and what the connection is that the three boys have to Mr D'Lacy - Rissa's Dad.
Goddess Falling was the first book in what looks like it will be an RH Dark Bullymance series.

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