Sunday, August 11, 2019

Review: The Friendship Pact - Alison James

The Friendship Pact

Review: The Friendship Pact - Alison James - June 2019
After reading quite a few romance books and bullymances, I was in the mood for a change. I like to mix up my reading with mysteries. Though when it comes to mysteries, I am fussy and they have to be grabbing and keep my interest. In The Friendship Pact, we meet Lucy and Adele. The girls met when they were at school together as Lucy's parents decided to send her to a public school where she met Adele Watts. The two girls couldn't be more different but formed a friendship bond which ended up in a pact when a local new girl Joanne ended up dead. After Joanne's death, Lucy's parents took her out of public school and sent her to a private one and that was the last she saw properly of Adele. Now years later, Lucy aka Lucinda is married to a successful doctor and has two stepchildren. Her life from the outside looks perfect and she should be happy, but behind closed doors, it is a different story as her husband Marcus is an abusive jerk. Lucy has had enough and wants to be free of Marcus, however, the only way is to disappear completely. Lucy heads back home and runs into Adele and knows she has been in the clink and asks if she has connections. Adele puts her in touch with a guy called Denny who gives Lucy what she needs. However as the book goes on, Lucy realizes it was too good to be true and when her husband ends up dead, she finds herself being blackmailed. This leads her to find out the true identity of Denny and when she does she is in for a shock. Now Lucy and Adele are in a similar position that they were those many moons ago, will they reignite their Friendship Blood Pact one more time to save and keep each other's dark secrets?
Find out now in this Brit Lit mystery "The Friendship Pact" by Alison James.

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