Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: High School Queens - Zachary Ryan

High School Queens (The High School Queens Trilogy Book 1)

Review: High School Queens - Book #1 High School Queens Trilogy - Zachary Ryan - March 2019
This series right through the book reminded me of the Gossip Girl novels as we had someone aka "the Marked Queen" narrating in parts of the book. It was a little hard reading the book in this style but as it was an interesting read, you could bypass the frustration. The book starts off with a secret called The Marked Queen. She has been painting targets on everyone's back and keeping their secrets until they piss her off and she feels the need to reveal their deep and darkest secrets to the school. These are the popular students who are living double lives and if their secrets were to be revealed then it could end in dangerous consequences. We have Calvin who is secretly gay and the baseball sports star of the school, Aman who is also gay and in the closet as his parents are Indian-Muslim and pay for his hobby, Danielle who is the High School Queen Bee but has lost all their money and she doesn't want anyone to discover that she is poor , Delilah who is sleeping with the principal for good grades and cuts herself, Jordan who is a slut, Jasmine who has an eating disorder and is a wannabe queen, Andrew who has just started and has a truckload of secrets up his sleeve. Everyone is a target and if they aren't careful or willing to admit their secrets then they might be revealed to the whole school. High School Queens had a mystery element to the book and focused on each character and had strong character development. If you love edgy YA stories and was a big fan of Gossip Girl in the mid-2000s then you will love the High School Queens Trilogy by Zachary Ryan.

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