Saturday, August 10, 2019

Review: Bully High - Mya West


Review: Bully High - Book #1 Bad Boys of Hillview Academy Series - Mya West - July 2019
Currently the trope of "now" is bullymance aka bully romances which I am loving as this has been a favorite trope of mine for a while especially with them being set in high school or academy settings. I quite enjoyed this one as unlike the other bully romances, this didn't have the "poor girl and rich boy" storyline. Tiffany has grown up next door to the Knight brothers and has always had a crush on Caleb Knight - the hottie next door. Though as they got older, he got more annoying and she saw him as a bully and a playboy with a different girl on his arm each week. Our main character Tiffany has been through a rough time as her dad died, whom we could see that she had been quite close too. She has developed an eating disorder and is currently dating the high school jock. Though he seems to be a jerk and hates Caleb with a passion. During the book, we read as Tiffany starts to see her life in a different perspective and realizes her boyfriend is just using her for sex and with all the rumors going around - it's not surprising he thinks she is easy and will open her legs for him on a dirty mattress in the forest. When Tiffany's mother goes away on holiday, she gets Caleb's family to look in on her and make sure she is alright. During this time Tiffany and Caleb start to get closer and soon the old feelings they have rush back and we see the beginning of the Tiffany and Caleb Knight love story. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 in the series - Bully Love and seeing what the future may hold for Tiffany and Caleb.

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