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Review: Things Liars Hide - Sara Ney

Things Liars Hide (#ThreeLittleLies, #2)

Review: Things Liars Hide - Book #2 #ThreeLittleLiars Series - Sara Ney - November 2015
Needing a change from the bullymances I have been reading, I have also been trying to clear my kindle of all my older books so scrolling through I came across Book #2 in Sara Ney's series #ThreeLittleLies. Those who have read Book #1 which for me was so long ago - September 2015 , it was about Greyson and Cal. Now in Book #2 Greyson and Cal are still going strong and we are about to meet their siblings with Cal's sister Tabitha and Greyson's brother Collin.  This book starts out with a misunderstanding and has Tabitha looking like a fool in front of Collin and Greyson, the book then jumps to Tabitha sitting in a cafe typing away as we learn that Tabitha has a secret, that she has kept from her family for over a year. She is the writer of a smutty romance novel under the pen name TE Thompson. As luck would have it, Collin discovers her secret and holds it over her head as blackmail to get her to have a date with him. Tabitha reluctantly agrees but soon finds herself actually enjoying herself and falling for Collin. What happens though when Tabitha's secret is revealed and she blames Collin for it? Will this be the end of the pair's HEA or will Tabitha realize that she didn't need to keep her writing and secret and that her friends and family will accept her for who she is and be proud of her.  This part reminded me of myself as my first romance story and my writing gig online, I wrote under a pseudonym as I was worried about what my family would say if they came across the articles and stories , but as I got older I thought you know what - I am proud of what I write and I shouldn't be afraid of what my family think, so I started to write under my real name. I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 which looks like it will be Tabitha's friend Daphne's story with Collin's friend Dex. Stay tuned for Book #3 in the #ThreeLittleLies series by Sara Ney.

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