Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: Donut Overthink It - Shantel Tessier

Donut Overthink It

Review: Donut Overthink It - Shantel Tessier - June 2018
This book relates to donuts as our main character Hadley Burns loves them and always brings them into the office for the staff to munch on. Hadley works as a secretary for Aiden Kyle who is one of three Kyles that are lawyers of the firm. Aiden it seems is the toughest of them all and a stickler for rules. During the book, we can see that there is chemistry bouncing off Hadley and Aiden but neither will go for it. Hadley believes her boss is a grade A-jerk who loves to push her buttons and wants her fired. About halfway through the book, the truth becomes clear to Hadley and Aiden that they both want each other but their worlds are complicated. Then just as their romance is starting to heat up, someone sends them photos of themselves together and then the police turn up to arrest Hadley. Who has told the police lies about her and who wants her out of the picture? Has someone else got their eyes set on Aiden and will do anything even if it means getting rid of the competition to have him for herself? I have to admit even though I finished this book, to me it was a borderline three stars as I felt the characters relationship was very slow burn for my liking and lots of mucking around to get from point A to point B - relationship endgame. If you like slow-burn romances and office flings, then Donut Overthink It by Shantal Tessier is the read for you.

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