Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: Nancy Drew and the Palace of Wisdom - Kelly Thompson and Jenn St. Onge

Nancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom

Review: Nancy Drew and the Palace of Wisdom - Kelly Thompson and Jenn St.Onge - April 2019
One of my favorite teen detectives is Nancy Drew and with the upcoming TV series coming, I have been on a Nancy Drew kick. So when I saw this graphic novel at work, I knew I had to read it. Nancy Drew and the Palace of Wisdom starts off with Nancy Drew in her new school and hanging with her new friends and then she arrives home and finds a letter regarding her mother's death and threatening her. The letter is postmarked Bayport - her old hometown where she moved away three years ago when her mother died. Booking a ticket she heads home and is met by her old friends whom they had lost contact. We have George and Bess and the Hardy Boys. As Nancy goes on her adventures, she will realize that her old crew is more hands-on than her new friends and that there is a bit of resentment hanging around. Can the group reunite and solve their own problems before they find themselves in the middle of a police investigation as someone is trying to kill them to stop them from solving a crime? What has Nancy Drew got her friends into this time and is this time maybe a bit over their heads or will they be able to work together and solve the crime and unsolved murder cases before the police? Find out in this fun graphic novel "Nancy Drew and the Palace of Wisdom" for some more Nancy Drew and friends hijinks and prepare yourself for the upcoming CW series "Nancy Drew".

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