Sunday, August 18, 2019

Review: The Quiet You Carry - Nikki Barthelmess

The Quiet You Carry

Review: The Quiet You Carry - Nikki Barthelmess - March 2019

After her mother died, Victoria's father's behavior towards her changed. It became more touchy and strange. She had a feeling that it was strange and odd but she loved her dad and just accepted that. Then he married Tiffany, the behavior still occurred until one night her Dad comes into her room and takes things a bit too far and when caught by his wife Tiffany, he turns the blame on Victoria and kicks her out of the house and calls the police. Victoria's life in a flash is upturned and she finds herself moving to Reno and living in a foster care group home and having to start a new school. Her plan to graduate and study is also chucked upside down as now, of course, her Dad won't pay for her student loans, etc. Living in a foster home, Victoria finds herself having to abide by new rules and living under strict conditions and curfews which one broke even the slightest can land her in a jail cell overnight. What happens though when Victoria is asked about what her dad did and though he is throwing her under the bus, she feels the need still to protect him. That is until she manages to contact her stepsister Sarah and learns that now Victoria isn't home, he is putting the moves on which was the one thing Victoria always tried to avoid - getting Sarah involved. Can Victoria with the help of her new friends and foster mother Carla save Sarah from going through what Victoria did? Can Sarah and Victoria finally convince Tiffany to leave her Victoria's dad and help press charges? Besides having an amazing cover, The Quiet You Carry was an edgy YA book that covers the topics of Foster Care, Sexual Abuse and Suicide.

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