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Chasing Midnight (Once Upon A Curse, #3)

Review: Chasing Midnight - Book #3 Once Upon A Curse - Kaitlyn Davis - August 2019
I have to admit at first I was very excited to read this book as I had read the previous two in the series a while back and loved them.  Gathering Frost in February 2015 and Withering Rose in May 2016. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it has been at least 3.5 years since I read the last book and my reading tastes have changed but I didn't enjoy this one as much as I had hoped I would as the last couple of years I have focused my reading on more contemporary NA romances rather than fantasy novels . Chasing Midnight is a Cinderella rendition as well which is why I thought I would love it but to me it was a borderline three-star read. In this book we meet Nymia who is a faerie with magical powers when the big earthquake happened and the world of magic got sucked to the human world and entered their spirits, her sister's faerie magic ended up in Omorose whom we know from the previous two books. In Chasing Midnight, Nymia has rescued her sister's power or so she thinks, but when things go awry she must now navigate herself in the human world along with Prince Cole to find Omorose's sister who now holds the power of the faeries. Can they do that or at least find a spell to turn back the clock before it's too late and Nymia would have failed for good? One of the things I have loved about this series is that each book has the most amazing cover and if you do love YA fairytale renditions and fantasy then you will enjoy the Once Upon A Curse series by Kaitlyn Davis.


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