Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: Donut Swipe Right - Tracie Douglas

Donut Swipe Right

Review: Donut Swipe Right - Tracie Douglas - June 2018
Elizabeth Bennett always wanted the HEA after her mother had named her Elizabeth Bennett after the Pride and Prejudice character, one of the world's favorite love stories of all time. However, after bad date after bad date she feels that maybe she is meant to be like Jane Austen instead and die a spinster working in her sister's donut shop forever. Her sister Delilah encourages her to go on a dating app and have a one night stand. On the dating app, she meets a Mr.Darcy and is attracted not only to him but his profile. She sees this as a sign of fate and she swipes right on his profile. The pair meet up and have an amazing night of sex and abiding their rules, they don't use names and see this as a one-off. The thing is that for the both of them, they secretly want more and now that Elizabeth Bennett has had a taste, she deletes the app so she can't be tempted to go back for more. On the other hand Mr. Darcy whose real name is Fitzwilliam Darcy seeks out to find his Cinderella only to discover the irony that like him she is really called Elizabeth Bennett and that both their parents named them after their favorite romance couple.  With a private order of Donuts, can Mr. Darcy find his Cinderella - Miss. Bennett and Donut Swipe Right turn out to be a modern Pride and Prejudice styled love story. Find out in this Donut Day novella Donut Swipe Right unless you are prepared for love to bite you on the bum.

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