Thursday, August 29, 2019

Review: Bullied by the Baseball Captain - Jenni Sloane

Bullied by the Baseball Captain (The Bullies of Strathmore Reform, #1)

Review: Bullied by the Baseball Captain - Book #1 Strathmore Reform - Jenni Sloane - July 2019
Our book Bullied by the Baseball Captain starts off with our main female character Amma Reiter out trick or treating with her friend, while out they come across Cole Heller and his thug gang wreaking havoc on the Baker's property. The police are then called and somehow Cole gets away and Amma is left looking like the troublemaker even though she is a good girl. We later learn that Amma's family are highly religious, trailer trash and her older brother Mason is in prison for a crime he didn't commit. They don't want Amma going down the same path as her brother so they apply for a scholarship for Amma to attend Strathmore Reform School. Amma receives the scholarship and hopes to keep her head down till graduation. Life at the school won't be easy as Cole Heller and Bennett Baker also attend Strathmore Reform and both have bully tendencies towards Amma. Later we are introduced to two new characters Ian and Archer Kemp and they too seem determined to add Bullying Amma to their list of hobbies for the year. I have to admit, I did find Amma quite a weak character and very frustrating - it was like seriously girl, toughen up and adapt to your surroundings, find your backbone instead of being spineless and letting the guys walk all over you. The book later takes a turn with the guys showing their real colors and liking Amma. This part annoyed me as seriously, how old are we? 5 years old. Guys grow up, you don't have to be mean to make a girl like you. We also hear from Ian and Archer murmurings of a name Meg Jolian, near the end of the book we are left with a cliffhanger that involves Meg and Mason. Even though this was a borderline 3P's read, the cliffhanger has me wanting to read book #2 Bullied by the Brainiac which I have added to my wishlist on Amazon.

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