Sunday, August 11, 2019

Review: Pretty Lies - Blake Blessing

Pretty Lies (Astrid Scott #1)

Review: Pretty Lies - Book #1 Astrid Scott - Blake Blessing - May 2019

Astrid Scott has just moved to a new town and she is about to discover that it is another town where the ugly truths are hidden by lies wrapped up in pretty bows.  Following the current trope of bullymances, comes Blake Blessing's new series Astrid Scott. Astrid's parents have moved to town to become the new pastor and wife of the local church. When she starts school, she is approached by a hockey player whom she rejects. This is a bad move on her as he decides to turn the popular crowd against her and make her a target with the Queen Bees of the high school. At least though, it seems that Astrid has captured the attention of four very different guys from all different walks of life and in their very own ways,  they want to protect her and would do absolutely anything for her. We have Rhys - the wealthy hockey player, Jonah - the student president and valedictorian, Thatcher - the Photography Uni student and Beck - the local mechanic. Each of them has their own dark secrets, but Astrid makes them want to be a better person. With the help of the four boys, can Astrid last the school year and gain a boost of confidence to help her with her own family situation? One of the things that I really loved about Pretty Lies by Blake Blessing, was that the author went back to the actual foundations of a reverse harem and made Astrid's relationship with the boys primarily a friendship with hints of something more. This was really nice to read for a change instead of the main female jumping the bones of her harem of guys. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 Ugly Truths.

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