Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review: Donut Be Shy - F.G Adams

Donut Be Shy (Men of Lakeview)

Review: Donut Be Shy - Men of Lakeview - F.G Adams - June 2018
Amy is the owner of the Purple Polkadot Bakery which I loved that name and one night, she is wandering the beach and meets an ex-military guy named Tanner aka Moose. The pair share a connection and they have an amazing one-night stand. The next morning Amy overhears him on the phone saying she was just some "random chick". She leaves and goes back to her life hurt as she is feeling rejected. Tanner doesn't realize and he wants more, for a few months every day he visits Amy trying to get her to notice him and take the first step. Of course, the pair of them are blind to each other.  We can all guess where things are eventually going to head but when Sage - Amy's friend warns her off Tanner aka Moose, will she listen to her friend and use her head or will she use her heart and go for it and finally confront Tanner? They had their confrontation and it makes you wonder, why they didn't do this earlier as it would have saved a helluva lot of time and heartbreak. It just prolonged their happiness and made the book a very slow-burn romance.  Donut Be Shy by F.G Adams was a borderline three-star read for me, this was due to it being slow-burn.

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