Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: Big Package - Opal Carew

After reading and finishing The Problem with Forever , I felt emotionally drained and in the mood to cry. I needed a funny read and I had sitting on my Kindle "Big Package" by Opal Carew. The idea of this book had intrigued me and I had enjoyed Opal's books previously.  The title has to do with not just one Big Package but two. The book starts off with Holly waiting to catch the bus home for Christmas when her ex-boyfriend Jimmy drops her off a Christmas present and yes, this part made me laugh - the wrapping part has naughty elves bonking in several positions. Just what I needed a laughing moment. Due to the size of the package, Holly has to miss her bus as they won't let her on. Enter Kalen Welles , Kalen and Holly grew up together and they went to the same high school. During high school , Holly had a major crush on Kalen who was a football jock. This is where the second "big package" comes into play as even in guy standards, Kalen has a lovely big package of his own.  He offers Holly a ride home and during their journey, a snowstorm hits and the pair are stranded at Holly sister's cabin. During this time the pair's chemistry sizzles and of course what's an sizzling romance without some delicious sex and while they are at it - they open the other big package and have a play with some of the presents which leads this book to some BDSM happenings.
Big Package by Opal Carew was a quick and fast-paced read, that fills us all with those romantic notions of snowstorms and hiding out in cabins with fireplaces as well as touching those other special spots with the erotic parts of the story .

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