VBT# Say It Louder - Heidi Joy Trethaway

Say it Louder (Tattoo Thief, #4)

Review: Say it Louder - Book #4 Tattoo Thief Series - Heidi Joy Trethaway - September 2016

About three years ago, I discovered a new author and I decided to read her first book at the time which was Tattoo Thief ( the first book ) in this particular series, and I loved it. After that, this author became part of my auto-buy list. So when I saw that she had Book #4 of the Tattoo Thief up to read, I knew I had to read it and like her previous books. I enjoyed this one. In Say it, Louder, we meet Dave who is the drummer for the band Tattoo Thief - though in saying that he makes a better manager and PR guy rather than drummer. After being given an ultimatum as his toxic girlfriend Kristina has once again overstepped the boundaries and targeted one of the band member's girlfriends - Dave must either be the reason for the band breaking up or get rid of Kristina. The thing is though that Dave fell out of love for Kristina a long time ago, being part of the band for six years she has collected a lot of dirt on the guys. It could destroy them and make them lose everything that they have ever worked for and more so for Dave - he could end up in jail. Willa is a new friend of Stella and Violet's and a budding artist, currently she has stuck to tattoos and street art but when an article gets published about her work - she is offered a gallery showing. Is Willa ready to move up to the big leagues? Willa is stirring up emotions for Dave he hasn't felt for a while, can he be with Willa or will Kristina get her claws into Willa and bring her down too? For Dave, he has always put the band and his friends first - trying to be their protector. Can Willa and his friends show Dave that when they band together, nothing can tear them apart and down not even their darkest secrets coming to light?
For another amazing Rock Star /Artist Romantic Suspense novel, check out Book #4 in the Tattoo Thief series "Say It Louder."


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