Review: Cream of the Crop - Alice Clayton

You know how you get those authors whom you are really nervous about reading their books , for me Alice Clayton is on that list. I'm not too sure why, but she is and when I do read her books I love them and I wonder why on earth I was worried, mostly though it's probably due to expectations as sometimes you read awesome reviews and then for you the book is a little bit of a letdown. I had read great reviews for Cream of the Crop and heard good things about the series and added it to my TBR list. While at work, I saw it come through our new books bin and I grabbed it and started reading it and I loved it . What really got me was the fact that the main character Natalie was a Size 18 which in New Zealand is a Size 20 which by the way is a big woman. I loved how she was so confident in her size and didn't give a damn what anyone else thought, though she had to of course as growing up life wasn't always easy for her.  The other thing that I loved about Natalie was that she loved her cheeses. I am such a cracker and cheese girl - give me my Camembert or Brie Cheese anyday.  The creamier the better, the only thing I can't stand and it's really due to the smell is Blue cheeses. While out at the farmer's market, Natalie meets Oscar the farmer and his wonderful array of Cheeses. He is also the only guy who has rendered her speechless and makes herself lose control of her vocal cords. When Natalie's ad firm is offered an account for Hudson Valley, Natalie jumps at the chance as her best friend Roxie lives in Hudson Valley and her farm is right next door to Oscar's. After a few trial and errors, Oscar and Natalie hit it off and things seem to be working out for them. Well, they would be perfect but Oscar has an ex-wife Missy who won't leave them alone and speaking from experiences - exes who won't leave their partners alone when they are dating someone else are the worst as you as the new partner will always have that niggle in the back of your head thinking - what if ..... Anywho, If you are needing a Romantic Comedy filled with Romance, Cheese and Drama then check out Cream of the Crop as you will not be disappointed.



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