VBT# Cease and Desist - Stephen David Hurley

What if your past could determine exactly who you would be in the future? What if it could make you into something successful? Would you jump at the chance or would you look at your family and see what it has cost them and try and avoid fate? For Cease De Menich who has been cast as the modern-day equivalent of Joan of Arc, she has always been a natural on the stage. Cease is about to learn that it is genetics and that has passed through her bloodlines. Cease also believes she can hear Joan Of Arc speaking to her which reminded me of that TV show Joan of Arcadia. Now I was attracted to this book because of the cover; it looked intriguing and like it could be a bit of mystery/thriller as the cover gives off dark vibes. Unfortunately, this book to me was one of those odd reads which jump from scene to scene and leave you thinking - what have I just read as I turned to the final page, I still was a tad confused on what I had read and the storyline. Cease and Desist does, however, have something for everyone from Edgy content with the hints of Mental Illnesses and Suicide to Drama - with the Reality TV shows and the acting to Romance with the falling in love to Family saga with Cease living with her Aunty. Overall Cease and Desist will be one of those books where you as the reader will have to make up your mind to see if you enjoy it as for myself, I found the plot to be too busy and all over the place - hard for me to stay focused on the storyline. 



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