Sunday, October 23, 2016

VBT# Royally Screwed - Emma Chase

One of my themes that I am such a sucker for is Royalty, I love reading books that feature a royal family and even more so tales that are like Cinderella stories. I am such a romantic at heart and think that the Cinderella themed story is one of my romantic fantasies. When I saw that Emma Chase had a new book out , I knew I had to read it as I have enjoyed her Legal Brief series. In Royally Screwed we met Prince Nick aka Nicholas who has been sent to America by his grandmother who is currently Queen to go and collect his younger brother Henry who is your typical Prince Playboy. His grandmother though just before he has left has given Nick some news - he has to get married in six months time and the conditions are someone who is a Virgin, a native to their Kingdom and preferably someone with a title or royal lineage.  Nick himself has never really been one to settle down as he enjoys playing the field and having no strings attached fun. That is until he arrives in New York and finds himself in a small Pie shop run by Olivia. Their first meeting isn't perfect as he propositions her and ends up with a pie in his face, but their is something about Olivia that has drawn Nick in and he wants more. Olivia has always been the responsible one in her family , running her parents business and giving up her plans to provide for her family after they fell apart when her mother passed. As the book goes on, we discover that what Nick and Olivia have is more than just a one-night stand and the pair come to a compromise to spend five wonderful months together. However of course, we can see how this is going to end up as really, why do people think that they can just walk away and not get hurt or fall in love when they are the whole person's world for five months or for how ever long the arrangement is for ? When news is splashed against tabloids and Nick blames Olivia, has he lost her forever or was it perfect timing as now he can focus on his Kingdom ? Will Nick chose love over responsibilites , will he follow his head or his heart ?
Royally Screwed was an amazing , fast-paced and romantic fairytale read with a few LOL moments. A Perfect fairy-tale /royalty read that everyone should add to their reading lists.

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