Thursday, October 20, 2016

Review: Cross Justice - James Patterson

First off this book not only is the #23 book in the Alex Cross series but it also symbolises the 23rd year that Alex Cross has existed. James Patterson started writing the Alex Cross novels in 1993.  This surprised me as I have always been a big fan of his books and the Alex Cross ones have always been my favourites. I still remember the day I found one of his books and read it and I was hooked. So hooked that I became a faithful and loyal reader of his books.  Cross Justice started with Alex Cross and his family minus Damon taking a journey back to his hometown of Stacksville. This was where Alex Cross grew up until his parents were killed one night and then he went to live with Nana Mama. Alex's family was in need for a vacation and also Alex has been asked by his niece Naomi- remember the one who was kidnapped, she is now a lawyer to look into his cousin Stefan's case. He is currently being held on trial for murder and Naomi swears he is being framed. While home , memories of Alex's past comes to light and we learn about what life was like for young Alex. During this novel , we also read as several secrets of Alex's past are uncovered and memories that were repressed have come to light.  Cross Justice would have to be one of my favourite Alex Cross books as the final chapter , I read three times as each time it made me smile and go awh. Unlike the previous Alex Cross books - this one is not just your usual Murder Mystery but holds a deeper and more powerful element of family and secrets.  Cross Justice is the perfect read for true Alex Cross and James Patterson fans as they will appreciate the story as a whole.

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