Monday, October 31, 2016

VBT# Take Me With You - Nina G. Jones

Are you in the mood for dark fiction? Does the cover draw you in? These were two of the main factors that got me reading Take Me With You by Nina G. Jones. The book starts off with a killer who strikes at 3.15am as he says that's the perfect time as it is too late to keep awake and too early for others to be awakening. I found this interesting and wonder if it's true as I often wake around this time and try and get back to sleep and I am in that in-between state of sleepiness and awakeness. Our killer stalks and hunts his prey before attacking and builds up a relationship with his prey, breaking in and taking their mementos. He also seems a bit fair and just as he gives his victims at the beginning the illusion of free choice. During his time he hasn't been obsessed with any of his previous victims, but someone has caught his mind - Vesper. She has captivated him and spends more time building up an imaginary relationship with her, watching her. When he is ready, he attacks, but things go a tad haywire as Vesper's younger brother wakes and start screaming. I could relate to Vesper and the way she is with her brother as he has special needs and I have siblings and a parent who fall into the Autism/Asperger's category.  During the hunt, Vesper tells Sam - the kidnapper to take her with him and so he does. Over the next course of the novel, we learn a bit more about Sam and watch how his and Vespers relationship strengthens. Take Me With You is a book that Stockholm Syndrome is romanticized as throughout the story - the love and chemistry -though sick and twisted as it may be starting to bloom between Sam and Vesper. 
This is a read not for the faint-hearted and one that if you enjoy Dark and Gritty Fiction, books with Dark Romance plots. Then check out Take Me With You by Nina G. Jones today.


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