Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: With Malice - Eileen Cook

With Malice

Review: With Malice - Eileen Cook - June 2016 

What should have been the trip of a lifetime before heading off to college for Jill ended up becoming her downfall and worst nightmare? Growing up Jill and Simone were inseparable with Simone being the drama queen and the popular one and Jill being her sidekick and lackey. With senior year over, Jill has finally got a chance to become someone on her own and learn to live without Simone's influence. That is until Simone gets herself on Jill's trip to Italy and things go haywire. Six weeks later Jill wakes up in a hospital bed in the States with no memory and learns that she and Simone were in a car crash in Italy.  Jill supposedly was the one driving and of course now everyone is pointing to Jill as the villain and as the posts and news reports come flooding in that Jill was jealous of Simone. What happened though in Italy and why are people trying to cover up the truth? Was the car accident, not an accident? I have always enjoyed Eileen Cook's YA Fiction and when I saw that she had released a new one. I knew I had to read it and I am glad I did as I loved it.  As I get older, I tend to go through waves with YA Fiction and find some of it dry and hard to get into. Eileen Cook's book With Malice, however, kept my interest right through the story as I just had to find out what had happened and why the car had crashed. One thing though that disappointed me, was I found the ending a little bit weak and a bit of a let-down from the suspense level throughout the story. In a way though the ending reminded me a bit of Abigail Haas's book Dangerous Girls.  The other thing now that has me piqued is the Amanda Knox Trial as I have heard briefly and know bits and bobs about it, but I recall reading in another review that With Malice was loosely based on the idea of the Amanda Knox Trial.  If you love Teen Romantic Suspense and Thrillers with Amnesiac Patients, then check out With Malice by Eileen Cook. The other thing that I found interesting with this story, as it does show us often how the news outlets, media can romanticize a story for ratings.

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