Review: A Righteous Fury - Jack Fernard

A Righteous Fury

Review: A Righteous Fury - Jack Fernard - July 2016 

First things first, I have to say as I am a cover person there was something about this cover whether it be the way the blues and dark colours worked together and the red eyes on Michael standing out but it was quite an attractive cover that draws you in the book.  One of my favourite things with A Righteous Fury, was that it shows that no matter what your upbringing is that love prevails and that you can make it work as we discover that Michael's parents were complete opposites in terms of faith as his mother was an Atheist and practiced Pagan rituals and his father was brought up by a Southern Preacher and quite a religious family. As someone who has been brought up in a Pentecostal Christian home and in a long-term relationship with someone who is far from a Christian, this part intrigued me. The second thing I loved was the whole Supernatural and Paranormal feeling of Demons, Angels and things that bump in the middle night. A Righteous Fury was an action-packed book where we discover the war between Heaven and Hell is raging, and only one person has the power or abilities to help put an end to things. However, the only downside I had with this book was that as I am a fast-paced reader, I found the story in parts to be a bit too slow for my liking.  On a positive note, I did like how Michael had been created as a medium for the battle rather than making him into a Supernatural creature like half-angel or having demon blood which a lot of the Supernatural/Paranormal genre books often do, so this was nice for a change and made the book have a more realistic feel as well as the fact that Michael did have a caring family too in the beginning.  If you love Supernatural stories and Battles of Good vs. Evil , Heaven and Hell and everything in between, then readers you will enjoy A Righteous Fury by Jack Fernard.


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