Friday, October 21, 2016

VBT# Dead Man's Curve - Alex Van Tol

With Halloween coming up Dead Man's Curve is the perfect quick read as I was expecting a novel and instead got a short story/novella. I have to admit near the end of the book I had to go back to the start as I was a little confused of what had just happened but once it settled in and I got a grasp it all made sense. Remember those Point Horror books that we had back in the 90's/2000's , that was what Alex Van Tol's novella Dead Man's Curve reminded me of . It was like Goosebumps for the Teen/ New Adult. The book starts out with four friends driving home from a costume party and I have to say a few of the costumes were quite creative and they take a  backroad home , a road called Dead Man's Curve. One of the friends asks why it is called Dead Man's Curve and during the storytelling , a figure appears and the car crashes. The characters then go through a sort of Blair Witch meets Fear.Com type scenario where they must face their ultimate fears. Can the foursome survive their worst fears and finish the night safe and sound and return home or will they be stuck on Dead Man's Curve forever ?
Dead Man's Curve is the perfect Halloween/Horror Novella read .


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