Review: Epic Sins - Trudy Stiles

For those who read Trudy Stiles's Forever Family series will remember Alex and briefly his band Epic Fail. In Book #1 Epic Sins, we meet Garrett who is one of the band members. The book starts off though introducing us to the female lead character Sam as she experiences her parents' death which leads her to go and live with her Aunt Penny. Growing up, Sam decided to become a nurse to help others and all goes well and accordingly to plan until one of her patients - a newborn baby passes away and feeling like she killed him Sam leaves the hospital.  Garrett, our male lead also had a rocky childhood and his search for his father led him to a group of guys practicing music, and he eventually joined their band.  Now living up the life of a Rockstar with drugs, sex and lots of groupies he is living his bachelor and carefree life. That is until a girl named Sadie shows up telling Garrett he is a father and then she drops dead.  Garrett is left with the ultimate choice of becoming a father or giving the baby up to the state for foster care.  With Penny - his housekeeper and Sam - her niece who will become the baby's nurse will help provide for the little one.  As the book goes along, we start to discover that maybe this can change both of their lives but what will happen when they start to fall head over heels for one another and discover a deadly secret. A secret that will rip both of their lives together and one that neither may recoverOne of the things that I really love about Trudy's books and it could be in reflection that the author has adopted children of her own, is that you don't have to be blood relatives to create a happy and perfect family environment and that there are people out there that will love and cherish their children as if they were there's biologically. Love knows no boundaries. For a great romantic suspense/ rockstar and edgy romance, then check out Book #1 in the Epic Fail series - Epic Sins by Trudy Stiles.


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