Thursday, October 20, 2016

VBT# Girl on A Brink - Christina Hoag

Have you ever been stuck in a relationship that has been turbulent ? Know someone that has been yo-yoed around due to relationship issues ? Chloe had her whole life ahead of her with landing the perfect internship job at the local newspaper and at seventeen it was the best job for her before her senior year.  During her first interview, Chloe meets Kieran . She hasn't had the best of luck with guys and Kieran is hot and seems into her . The relationship starts out as any normal one would but during this time , Kieran starts to get more protective of Chloe and only wanting her attention on him. For the first few months, Chloe goes along with it as she wants to make him happy and she does like him. However, as we go through the pages we notice that Kieran's attitude changes and it's like a switch has been flicked and he turns into a raging abusive boyfriend and always demanding where she goes and becomes obsessive. Chloe hoping to nip it in the bud , breaks it off early with Kieran but this turns out to rage him even more and then from here Chloe will discover the full wrath of revenge and what it is like to have a stalker as Kieran starts to stalk Chloe and when she finally gets up the guts to do something about it , he has twisted everything painting Chloe as the Bad one in the relationship not him. Girl on the Brink was a worst case scenario if someone gets stuck in a relationship like this as trials ensured and police records were created. Girl on the Brink is an Edgy YA read and talks about the different forms of abuse that can happen in a relationship and how often something that seems perfect can be decieving and end up toxic.

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