Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Players, Bumps and Cocktail Sausages - Natasha Preston

Books #1 and #2 in the Silence series have been about Oakley Benson, and now in Book #3 we meet Oakley's brother Jasper. Jasper Dane has always tried to live up to the expectation of protecting his family, more so with what happened to his sister Oakley and as he grew older, he put away his playboy ways. Jasper married his college sweetheart Abby Dane, though life wasn't always roses as she cheated on him in college and slept with his best friend. Jasper decided to forgive Abby, and they went on to marry one another. Life has been good or, so Jasper thought with Abby getting her career on track. That is until he realizes that their relationship hasn't been as solid lately and Abby is always working late or canceling on them to go out with her work colleagues. Jasper starts to get worried and suspicious that Abby is cheating on him. One thing leads to another and on a whim Jasper plans a romantic surprise weekend away, though it will be him who gets a surprise when he catches Abby with a co-worker. Needing time to chill, Jasper goes and gets drunk and ends up sleeping with Holly - his friend's sister.  Next thing we know, Abby is back saying she is pregnant.  Will Jasper take Abby back now she is pregnant? What will happen though when his one-night stand ends with the same result? Is Jasper the father of both babies or just one? Will this mean he will finally get the family he has always wanted, but with which woman? As a fan of Cocktail Sausages, I thought that this book would be like a romantic comedy due to the title - however it isn't. Players, Bumps, and Cocktail Sausages is one big cluster of family and friendship drama with the odd funny moment.
After reading Book #3, though the Silence series can be read as standalone I am looking forward to reading Books 1 and 2. 

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