Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review: Deep - Kylie Scott

Like most series, unfortunately, I have a habit of reading them out of order. A series I have had for a while and now read Books 1, 2 and 4 is Stage Dive by Kylie Scott. I felt that it was good reading Book #4 Deep after Book #2 Play.  Book #2 featured Anne and Mal, and Book #4 features Anne's younger sister Liz and Ben - the bassist for the band Stage Dive. When Anne started to get serious with Mal, Lizzie started coming along to the band rehearsals and events and slowly she was captivated with Ben. The pair knew that they shouldn't go near each other as they would both be killed by Anne and Mal. The thing is though that they had chemistry and drawn to one another. During the book, the pair becomes close friends and then one night they finally give into temptation and Lizzie's loses her V-card. The book starts to get a little interesting as Lizzie discovers she is pregnant with Ben's baby. Ben as the playboy of the band never saw himself settling down and especially never thought that he would one day become a father. The rest of the book gives readers the insight as Ben and Lizzie come to terms with the fact they are both about to become parents and of course because it is a romance story - the pair starts realizing that they are also in love with one another. I have to sadly admit that out of the Stage Dive books that I have read so far, this would be my least favorite as I found the characters of Ben and Lizzie hard to connect to. They seemed to frustrate the hell out of me as they couldn't communicate with the other and there was a lot of emotional confusion between the characters and a lot of anger thrown around which if they told each other how they were truly feeling, then all this would have been unnecessary.  However in saying that, if you love Rockstar Romances and have been following the Stage Dive series - then check out Book #4 Deep by Kylie Scott.



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