Review: Sidebarred - Emma Chase

Out of the Legal Briefs characters, I would have to say that my two favorites are Jake and Chelsea. We met Chelsea in Sustained when her brother and his wife were killed, and she became the legal guardian for his six children. One of them was constantly getting into trouble which brought Jake and Chelsea together; the pair hit it off, and we watched a Yours, Mine and our sort of scenario hitting off. In Sidebarred which is a novella based on Jake and Chelsea, we read as life is going great for them - the kids are all growing up and sadly the Judge has passed away. Their relationship couldn't be any better until one morning Chelsea decides she wants a baby. Thus begins a story of love and romance but also the views of what can happen when a baby’s added to the mix of a previous big family and inappropriate co-workers. Can Jake and Chelsea keep their family together when tensions run high or will this baby be the end of their perfect happy family unit? I did love reading this book, the only thing though is at the end we have the epilogue with seventeen years later, and Jake and Chelsea are in their 40's and their baby is all grown up and we catch a glimpse of all the children's lives and what they have made of themselves. Here's hoping that Emma will write a spin-off series featuring each of the McQuaid children and what has happened in their lives.


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