Friday, October 21, 2016

VBT# Away from the Dark - Aleatha Romig

Away from the Dark is a book I have been waiting to read for a while now, especially as I enjoyed Book #1 and then it had to go and end on a cliffhanger and it left readers gasping going OMG he's been involved all this time. At the end of Book #1 readers discovered that Stella's boyfriend Dylan - the detective was involved somehow in the cult - The Light , we just didn't know exactly how.  Book #2 has Sarah back in the cult and we read as she has stopped her birth control pills and slowly her memories of the past are starting to seep through - memories of what they call "the Dark" - the time before you were in the Light.  Sarah remembers her real name - that she wasn't always Sarah Adams but Stella Montgomery and how she came to arrive at the compound. I have to admit , I was a little disappointed in Book #2 as was hoping for more of a Mindy connection as that is what got Stella involved mainly in the light to try and find out what happened to her best friend. We also learn that Jacob Adams isn't who he says he is either which was the other major cliffhanger from Book #1. We learn that for the past couple of years,  Jacob has been deep undercover in trying to bring Father Gabriel to his knees and the cult to it's ruin. What will happen when Jacob's goal finally starts to blur and he realises he cares more about Sarah aka Stella than the mission and discovers he really has fallen in love with his fake wife.  When Sarah/Stella discovers the truth , will she forgive Jacob and stay to help him expose once and for all The Light or will she take this opportunity to move into the Witness Protection Programme and be free of everything Light related.  I am hoping that with the semi cliffhanger of Book #2 that we readers will recieve a book #3 as I would love to see Stella reunited with her family and possibly more on the Mindy storyline.
 If you love Cult Fiction and Secret Societies, then check out Book #2 in the Light series "Away from the Dark".

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