Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Needing Her - Molly McAdams

Back when New Adult was still a twinkle in most people's eyes and the majority of the world had not yet heard of it, except book bloggers of course. Molly McAdams was one of the first New Adult authors that I had discovered, and I fell in love with her work, and to this day, I still support her books. In her book From Ashes, we met Cassidy who had gotten a black eye from her boyfriend at the time and Detective Connor Green was called to the scene, and the two got pretty cozy.  Of course, we know that Cassidy ended up with Gage and went off to live their belated HEA. Did you ever wonder what happened to Detective Connor Green? Needing Her by Molly McAdams is his story. After the incident and Cassidy moving away, Connor went into a zombie-like stage and moved back home and ended up next-door neighbors with his best friend's younger sister. Maci Price hasn't had much experience in the dating world even though she is in her early 20's. That's what you get though for having four older brothers and a Dad and no female role-model in her life. During the book, though, we see that Maci and Connor are two people who love pranks and set out each day trying to outsmart the other. While this is happening, the pair starts spending more time together and of course you can guess what's going to happen. Can the couple though keep it a secret from Maci's brothers as she knows it will be short-lived and ruined if they find out? What will happen though when Connor decides to prove to Maci's family that he loves her? Will it backfire or will the head of the Price family stand up for his little girl?  Though Needing Her is considered a Novella, I will warn you that this is, in fact, a full-length size book at over 250+ pages. I have to admit; I was quite surprised at the length of the book especially after reading the words "novella." 
Needing Her is the perfect read for fans of Molly McAdams's stories and those who have ever wondered what happened to Detective Connor Green after Cassidy left?


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