VBT# The Fix-Up - Kendall Ryan

Following on from Kendall Ryan's Hitched Volumes 1-3 where we saw the marriage contract union between Noah and Olivia due to a will clause, in The Fix-Up we meet Noah's best friend Sterling Quinn who is an ultimate bachelor and enjoys the women that he gets to sleep around with and Camryn who is Olivia's best friend and PR extraordinaire. Like the first book, The Fix-Up features a will , an inheritance and of course to fulfill it - a marriage is needed. Sterling Quinn has just woken up after a one-night stand to discover that he is the sole heir to the Quinn fortune after his grandfather whom he never really had anything to do with has just passed and the fortune stated in the will must only go to a male Quinn and he is the last one left . The clause though states that Sterling must be married within six months to recieve his inheritance , if not then he will forfiet the amount. Enter Camryn, she has been hired to help Sterling in his selection of finding the perfect bride . The thing is though that Camryn and Sterling have been in the friend zone for a while and they both have feelings for one another. Sterling figures if he has to have a bride, then he would rather have Camryn than a stranger but Camryn needs this job as she is floundering in debt after her ex-boyfriend left her in the lurch and stole from her.  Can Sterling and Camryn be professional in the hunt for a wife ? What will happen though when Sterling starts to fall for Camryn , can he prove to Camryn that he loves her for her and not just because of the money ? I really enjoyed The Fix-Up by Kendall Ryan as one of my favourite tropes is the whole idea of an arranged marriage and I am also a sucker for the rich guy falling for your everyday type of girl - the whole Cinderella type story. If you are looking for a romantic Cinderella marriage contract read , then check out Kendall Ryan's The Fix-Up as you will not be disappointed.


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