Thursday, August 8, 2019

VBT# T-Minus - Shannon Greenland


Review: T-Minus - Shannon Greenland - August 2019
I have been a fan of Shannon Greenland's books that she has written under this name or the initials S.E Green. I have read nearly all of them, ever since 2011-2012 when I first discovered her series The Specialists which were a group of teen spies, this was my first introduction to a theme that I found myself loving for many years to follow and still to date. So when I saw T-Minus offered on Netgalley and for a tour, I knew I had to read it. T-Minus takes us into the life of our main character Sophie Washington whose mother is the President of the United States and she lives with her family in the White House. One night, she is given instructions that her family is to get to a safe house as her mother has been threatened by terrorists. Over the course of the next 24 + hours, Sophie's life will turn into a nightmare and all her CIA training will have to kick in as someone is out to kill her family, friends and her parent's acquaintances. Sophie and her friends are about to learn the truth about an incident that happened years ago and were covered up and that many innocent people died and now they want revenge. The incident reminded me of the Waco incident in Texas with that little community and I wonder if this was the inspiration behind the story. T-Minus was definitely as it got along, a complicated web of a story as everyone seems to be not who they say they are as Sophie and her best friends uncover and untangle a group and plan that has been in the making for years. Can they solve who is behind it and save the day before many more have to die? Find out in T-Minus by Shannon Greenland, fans of Ally Carter's various series will love and feel right at home with T-Minus.


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