Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Once, by Anna Carey

Do you love Dystopian novels ? Did you enjoy Eve by Anna Carey ?
Get ready for the next book in the "Eve" series.
Review: Once - Book #2 Eve Series - Anna Carey- July 2012
We last saw Eve left behind at the women's refuge camp "Califia" as she said goodbye to Caleb and started to prepare a new life, but unfortunately for Eve starting a new life is a mission especially when the King has a bounty on your head and you do not know who to trust any more. When Eve's friend Arden turns up to the camp, trouble starts brewing between the members and gossip about handing Eve in for the award. So Eve and Arden, set out on their own to find Caleb and start a new life in hiding but things don't always go the plan and Eve and Arden are captured by the King's soldiers. Eve is taken to the King's castle ,whereas Arden is taken into the birthing clinics and used as a birthing tool.  It turns out though, that the King didn't want Eve to bear children but in fact Eve is actually his long-lost daughter - the Princess Genevieve. Now reunited with her father, Eve sets out to take advantage of the situation by trying to help Caleb and his friends escape the City of sands , trying to help her friends Arden, Pip and Ruby escape from the trials and tribulations in the birthing clinics. When Caleb is caught sneaking around, he is thrown into prison and now in order to save Caleb from death ,Eve must obey the King's law and marry Charles - a fellow upper-class man  who was brought up in the City of Sands. Can Eve switch from being the girl who grew up in the schools and embrace her life as a Royal Highness ? Can Eve ever love Charles the way he and the King want her too or does her heart remain loyal to Caleb ?
Find out in the exciting sequel to Anna Carey's debut novel "Eve" and once you have read "Once" , you too can hold your breath in anticipation like myself for Book #3 which remains untitled at this stage.
Review copy provided from Edelweiss Books.

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