Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: No Going Back - Matt Hilton

Looking for an action-packed novel ? Have you read the latest Lee Child novel "The Affair" and wanting to discover a new author ? 
Well..... I have that new author for you right here - Matt Hilton , creator of the series featuring the hunky Joe Hunter.
So it's move over Jack Reacher and Hello Joe Hunter.
Review: No Going Back - Book #7 Joe Hunter Series - Matt Hilton- February 2012
Are you a fan of Matt Hilton's "Joe Hunter" series ? As a fan of the adventure hero type novels , I decided to give Matt Hilton's a go when his first book arrived in the library and now seven books later I am still enjoying his writing and personally I have to say that in a way Book #7 was one of my favourite reads.
In Book #7 we meet best friends Jay and Nicole who are going road-tripping , they had everything planned right down to their hotels, itinerary but what they didn't count on was how one tiny detour could end up in a fight to survive and live. 
It seems that somebody is going around and kidnapping females who all look eerily similar and now with the latest news of Jay and Nicole going missing, Jay's father has hired Joe Hunter to help find out and discover what has happened to his daughter. When Joe arrives to the destination though, it seems that he has stumbled across something more sinister and now when another girl named Ellie disappears, Joe will put all he has into finding the girls , even if of course it means getting himself into the midst of trouble as what's a typical day for Joe Hunter if he can't find himself in trouble with the law as he takes the matters into his own hands.
Joe Hunter is a law upon himself and he won't stop until the good people are rescued and the bad are stopped and often with no=holds barred.
A favourite feature of mine with No Going Back by Matt Hilton was that at the back of the book it featured a CV of Joe Hunter and a bit about him and any guesses of what his favourite movie is ? Get ready for it ........................................... A Wonderful Life.

Did you Know ?  - That we have never seen Joe Hunter's face as he is always facing with his back towards us on the front covers of Matt Hilton's novels .

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