Review: Flirting In Italian - Lauren Henderson

Looking for a new teen romance to read ? 
One free of Vampires and everything supernatural ?

Review: Flirting in Italian - Book #1 Flirting In Italian Series - Lauren Henderson- June 2012
After reading so many teen vampire stories and supernatural teenage fiction/ Dystopian fiction . It felt nice to read a Contemporary Teen Novel and what better one to read , than one set in a faraway land called Italy. 
Flirting in Italian starts off quite well as it draws the reader into the tale , a tale of a girl named Violet who is interested in the world of Arts . While at a local art gallery, she spots a painting that was done in the 1700's. The girl in the painting eerily looks like her , they could almost pass off as twins. The odd thing though is that the girl in the painting is Italian and Violet contains no Italian roots as her mother is Scandinavian and her father is Scottish and Violet was born in the UK.  The painting opens for Violet , a series of questions - is she adopted ? How is it she looks like the girl in the painting and more importantly - who is the girl in the painting ?
The questions lead Violet into making the decision to head to Italy and attend a school to learn Italian and other bits and pieces like flower arranging . Of course, being in Italy also means hot Italian boys - one in particular Luca will capture Violet's eye . However, it is later discovered that Luca's bloodline is connected to the painting and when Violet meets Luca's family it is all downhill from there and it seems that somebody wants Violet dead .  Is Violet in danger due to the painting or is something more sinister occurring in the castle ?
This was a great introduction to the series , the only downside is that the ending finished abruptly and left many unanswered questions which means reader's that I am now in anticipation for Book #2 Following in Italian to be released :)


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